Soft Elbow Exoskeleton Research

In this research, we develop a two degree freedom (SOFT) soft elbow Exoskeleton that can provides mechanical assitance for felxion-extension and pronation-supination movements.

Figure 1. Proposed soft elbow exoskeleton

Figure 2. Proposed soft elbow exoskeleton can provide 2 DOF flexion-extension and pronation-supination movements

Figure 3. Dual motor-tendon actuator

The source files can be freely downloded as follows

  1. Simulink PI diagram block for controlling the exoskeleton. Download 
  2. Engineering drawings of the soft exoskelton. Download
  3. Design in SolidWORKS file. Download
  4. STL file of the exoskeleton. Download
  5. Video documentation of the soft elbow exoskeleton robot.
    Video demontration